December 9, 2008

Great ambitions

As I got closer to getting married (yay less than four weeks!), I realized that I'm going to be crossing one of the biggest things off my list of life goals. And then I started thinking about my life goals. And I'm pretty sure nobody's ever had a list of shallower, stranger life goals. A list like this is too great for me to keep in my head (Because I'll forget it and I don't want to.) So I'm writing it here. Don't judge.

Things to Do:

-write a book (most likely a very short book)

-see the inside of a bowling machine (how do those pins get set up so perfectly every time?!?)

-see the inside of a redbox machine (I imagine it's like a small roller coaster for DVDs in there)

-visit Cornwall, England (I have read many a romance novel set there which classifies me as an official sap)

-have a major role in a musical production (even if it's only in a community theater. Or a roadshow)

-ride a gondola (preferably Venice, but I'll take Vegas too)

-sing a solo in public (and sound awesome)

-own a pair of Jimmy Choo's (extremely sexy, expensive, and UNCOMFORTABLE shoes)

-laser hair removal (I hate shaving SO MUCH)

-serve a mission (Sam and I will be the most adorable old couple ever living in a shack in Africa)

-wear red lipstick (oooo barracuda)

-dress up for a fancy date (say, an opera?)

-see an opera (just once, to say I did, unless it's Turandot and then I'll actually enjoy it)

-see something on Broadway (anything but Wicked. Not that I'm anti, but one can see Wicked practically anywhere. I'm talking the actual New York Broadway experience)

-rent a water trampoline and take it out on a lake (I ask you, who doesn't want to jump off a trampoline into a lake?)

-participate in Black Friday (if I ever have a billion kids to buy Christmas gifts for, this might be worth it)

-own a very nice bathrobe (the height of luxury)

Okay so obviously I have more important things on there too, like have kids, etc. But that's boring and I'll do that regardless of what happens. These things will actually take planning. And besides, I'm waaaay likely to actually get my bathrobe and that will just be sweet.


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