February 10, 2009


I want to be glamorous. You may think this is very obvious, but I've tried (sort of) to hide it anyway. It's actually rather shameful. Why is it that I secretly thrill to be walking around in a scarf and big sunglasses, holding a cup of hot chocolate from Starbucks? I think it's because I'm hoping other people will think I'm a famous person and try to stalk me. I would secretly enjoy being stalked but that's another blog post (as long as you don't get murdered and/or raped, wouldn't you be flattered?) I have this idea of what glamorous people do and sometimes I measure myself against it.

Things Glamorous People Do:
-live in lofts/studios; usually painted white with lots of windows and uncomfortable furniture

-buy expensive, homemade crafts on Etsy.com, thereby supporting their communities

-display art in their homes, usually colorful abstract and/or black and white photography

-subscribe to high end magazines which arrive just in time to be read during morning coffee and then when glanced through, grace the coffee table for days

-never have hair on their legs regardless of the day's activities

-always have hair in their faces, i.e. bangs that fit their perfect sized foreheads

-eat things like tofu in cafes or even skip lunch and just have starbucks

-carry tons of things in their hands while walking around downtown (keys, phone, bags, cups of coffee or juice, ipods, dog leashes) and while we're at it...

-walk around downtown stopping in various expensive boutiques

-wear big sunglasses along with some sort of hip outfit, usually pleasantly baggy or too small

The list could go on, but I will spare you. As I've said, sometimes I do these things and a little bit of excitement comes into my life that I treasure quietly in my heart. Sometimes I don't do any of these things. And I've come to terms with this. I'm not actually glamorous. I can fake it (as long as you see me from a distance and don't actually try to converse with me) when I want to feel that kick. The kick is like an old friend. A friend that makes me feel lovely and mysterious. BUT I'm not really glamorous deep down. Deep down I'm a weird little girl. But hey, stick some sunglasses on me and hand me a magazine and I can look disdainful with the best of them.


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