April 27, 2009

As seen on TV

Before I get started on the purpose of my post today, I should probably clarify something. It has been pointed out to me that someone who doesn't know me too well could think that some of the things I say about myself, my husband, or our relationship might be construed as negative. In fact, most of the things I say on here are extremely sarcastic and/or self-deprecating. In reality, regardless of how you read into my comments on my own life, I'm extremely happy with my wonderful, kind, sweet, funny, handsome, and supportive husband. And he's happy with me! Life is great.

Today I want to write a review of a TV product for those of you out there who have been tempted, as I have, to pick up the phone and order one for yourself. This product is the Smooth Away.

Lucky for you, you do not have to wonder any longer about whether the advertising is true. I will tell you the answers to your questions: Does the Smooth Away really rub away unwanted hair with no pain, no redness, no problems? Is it better than shaving, waxing, laser hair removal, etc.?

Okay so here's the real deal: the Smooth Away is good for one thing and one thing only: upper lip hair that is too tedious to pluck and too light and thin to be shaved and too cheap to be waxed. Otherwise, pfft. We got our Smooth Away at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for like $15 (giftcard! woot!) and finally tried it out. Sam thought it was great because the hair on his thigh came right off. However, trying it on my legs, which had been shaved maybe four days before, not so good. It took way way too long to do, it didn't get all the hairs, and it used up an entire pad on just one leg, knee to ankle. There's only like four pads a pack. Plus, it grew back just as fast as shaving. Didn't hurt or leave redness, but still it's even less convenient than shaving. Didn't work at all on my armpits. However, loved it for my upper lip because I'm too lazy and cheap to buy wax and just too lazy to pluck. It totally made it smooth. So that was cool.

So! The verdict! If you feel like your upper lip is out of control, this is for you! Yay! Otherwise, stick with the razor, honey.


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