June 26, 2009

Three wishes for you

1. That you might never have a co-worker with a tendency to leave the office for hours at a time, with another tendency to leave his cell phone on his desk, with another tendency to have lots of eager, impatient acquaintances who call every 30 seconds.

2. That you might have the opportunity to see two men outside your office window, both wearing Wranglers, short-sleeve button-up cotton shirts tucked into those Wranglers, and cowboy hats, but one is humongously tall and thin as a reed, and the other is just as short as he is round, or in other words, that you might see Jack Sprat the gay cowboy and his life partner.

3. That you might have a lovely weekend with your lover, in a soon-to-be sparkling clean little house, eating lots of cheese (because that is all that is left in our refrigerator after Sam cleaned out the too-old-to-eat-food).


Kels 6/26/09, 4:20 PM  

Why, thank you for those wishes! I can't wait for them to come true...wait...

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