July 30, 2009


Sometimes I feel like everybody and their mother is having a baby and it kind of makes me want one too. I mean, now that it's an option and all (because we sent the stork a wedding invitation so he knows where we live....), it's tempting. Occasionally.

Still, life is pretty sweet as is. And while I realize that babies are wonderful and fulfilling and worth all the sacrifice, etc. etc., I'm rather pleased with the opportunity right now to run to the store on a whim and buy a box of Klondike bars, and then eat them while continuing the daily Boggle tournament with Sam (we play every day, usually 5-7 games, and we're very evenly matched as well as quite competitive. It was a good birthday present, this Boggle game). If we had a baby, we'd have to do stuff like get it all buckled in its carseat, then carry it through the store, then hope it is content and/or sleeping while we try to crush each other's vocabulary self-esteem. And as I hear, it is more likely that none of that would work out.

So right now, I'm enjoying the coziness of a two-person family. Right now I can choose to play Boggle with my lover instead of making dinner for a small person that can't reach the freezer for a Klondike bar like the rest of us. And right now, that is exactly enough to make life happy.


ashleydox 8/9/09, 9:36 PM  

Krista - you just spoke my mind.
Which is why I love reading your blog.
Every time I go to church (or talk to my mom) I want to start having kids...
And then I enjoy a lovely quiet evening with my husband, going out to dinner and a movie...
Kids will come someday - but I'm enjoying the 2-person family right now as well!

Jen Adair 8/21/09, 1:53 PM  

You are such a cute writer! I hope all is going well for you two.


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