August 25, 2009

Right Where I'm Meant to Be

Yesterday I was driving home from work and Edwin Mccain's "I Could Not Ask for More" came on the radio. I'm pretty sure that it was my prom theme song one year and so I started thinking about high school. And college. And pretty much my past in general. I thought about those times when, right in the moment, it wasn't quite perfect or it was dramatic or hard. But now? Now, mostly what I have are great memories. I have met some amazing people. I've had some amazing chances to grow. I've been really happy in my life.

I'm really happy right now too! Sam makes life wonderful every day. So do my family and friends. And very much so does the gospel of Jesus Christ. I hope I take more time as life continues to be really grateful for all the life experiences I get to have. Living is awesome! Such a blessing. I'll meet more people and I'll have more chances to grow. I'll make more and more memories. So really, my point is that as true as it is right now that I could not ask for more, it was true at prom, it was true during finals in college, and it will certainly be true tomorrow. And fifty years from now.

Maybe, if you're a little bit discouraged, listen to this song and remember every moment you possibly can from your life. And then tell me if the good doesn't outweigh the bad by a million percent. And perhaps, you might say a little prayer that goes like this: "Thank you!!!!" Because I'm definitely going to.

I Could Not Ask For More - Edwin Mccain


Crystal @ Plush Palate 8/25/09, 5:52 PM  

I love that song and I love your inspiring, optimistic attitude! Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)

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