November 16, 2009

Not because I'm pregnant, but because I enjoy it

This weekend I made this:

And this:

And I wish someone would give me a large inheritance so that I can quit working and stay home and make stuff all the time. Let the bidding for the position of rich dead aunt begin.


Ashley Arnold 11/16/09, 10:37 AM  

That is ADORABLE!!! Your babies will be well-dressed and stinkin adorable.

Betty 11/17/09, 8:46 AM  

These are works of art. How about an online business?

Krista 11/17/09, 12:23 PM  

Thank you both. I have considered an online business, but I'm not sure I could make it profitable. Maybe some day. For now, I'm sticking with giving away the stuff I make.

Kristina and Joe 11/18/09, 3:05 PM  

That is so cute. I say that we should get together and make crafts. You should teach me how to do that!

Erin 11/19/09, 3:58 PM  
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Erin 11/19/09, 4:12 PM  

Three words- Yum and Stinkin' Cute! I want them both.

chaela 11/20/09, 2:10 PM  

I love these!!!! Umm teach me everything you know.

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