February 25, 2010

9 to 5

So those of you who have been anxiously holding their breath for the last 8 days (if you're not dead by now), will be glad to hear that I got the job! Thanks for your prayers. I've been working for the past four days and it has been wonderful so far. In case you haven't picked up on the hints I've dropped for the last year, I kind of hated my last job (and by that I mean I wanted to set it on fire). You'll be happy to hear that I LOVE my new job! Oddly, my duties aren't really any different than they were before. I'm still managing an office, making sure we have supplies, answering the phones, drafting documents for various things, handling random projects, going over my boss's calendar with him, etc. But I feel totally different about it! Let me just list the good things this job has that the old one did not:

-a beautiful and professional office
-autonomy to keep one's own hours
-a laid-back atmosphere
-free drinks and snacks in the break room
-a Magleby's in the same building!
-beautiful views
-a parking lot
-real phones that transfer and have individual voicemail
-and most importantly, a great group of people to work with

That last one means that I enjoy performing my duties and I no longer resent every second spent at my desk. I look forward to going to work every day. The day doesn't drag on, etc. etc. etc.

If you've never had a job you despised, you may not understand what a huge blessing this is to me. I'm still marveling at this miracle. I'm absolutely positive, for more than one reason, that I have this job because my Heavenly Father gave it to me. I'm unbelievably grateful. 

I hope you all have great jobs you love, too. If not, remember that everything has an end, and someday you will walk out of that wretched place, never look back, and walk into something great. It certainly happened to me!


Ashley Arnold 2/25/10, 10:45 PM  

Ha ha ha- "I wanted to set it on fire." Love it. Congrats love!

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