March 26, 2010

good morning, sun

Last Saturday I woke up to sunshine and birds singing right outside the window. I stretched and thought about what a beautiful day it was going to be.

A couple hours later, our washer flooded our hallway.

Every towel in our house was put down on the carpet to try to soak it all up. We walked back and forth over those towels in a five foot space for an hour. I even ran to the store down the street to buy more Shamwows (which totally saved us, by the way). We wrung out towels in a bucket over and over and over, and halfway through the process, the bucket fell, spilling all the water back into the carpet.

It was hilarious.

Our bare feet were numb, because the wash cycle had been on cold. Our hands were red and raw from the wringing. 

It was quality time together, making jokes, laughing at ourselves, and taking care of our home.

I noticed small blessings (that made a huge difference). Like how the washer itself had nothing wrong with it. A tube just came out of the wall and it was a simple, no-cost fix. And how the flooding stopped just short of going into the closet across the hall. The closet that is completely full, floor to ceiling, and would have been awful to empty of its contents in order to reach the carpet. Tender mercies. And the carpet dried completely, even the pad underneath, after a couple of days with the fan and the space heater.

So yeah, it was a beautiful day. Those birds knew what they were talking about.


Betty 3/26/10, 4:35 PM  

You two are awesome!

Rachel 3/27/10, 8:07 PM  

Krista, this blog made caused a huge smile to come across my face and reminded me of how excited I am for Ben to come home. Thanks! You and Sam are so adorable together =)

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