April 7, 2010


Every day there is a large black truck that parks next to me. Right next to me. In my spot next to me. Every day.

I'm very tempted to leave a note that says "learn to park" but I think it might be lost on the driver. Anyone driving a truck that big obviously has more pressing issues...

The other day I actually passed the driver walking toward his truck and I craned my neck back to see if it was really him! The worst parker in the world! And yes it was, but he saw me looking back at him and kind of smirked at me. He thought I was interested in him! Oh please no.

I wanted to yell, dude I have a wonderful husband! And he parks beautifully.

(As a side note, if you like blogging and want to be entertained, check this out:
The blog posts are fun to read and more importantly, my great friend Julia is one of the writers so take some time and vote for her!)


Ashley Arnold 4/7/10, 8:17 PM  

I love the blogger brawl!! I have witnessed a couple of them... so cool. I wish I was cool enough to be on there! You know!?

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