August 3, 2010

painting the (rug)

For my birthday, I asked for a rug. I didn't want just any rug. I wanted one that was flat-woven, not patterned, and neutral-colored. Why so boring? I wanted to paint it! I saw it first here and loved it. So my parents got me an Ikea gift card and this weekend I happily traipsed my way through the store looking for the perfect rug. I picked one out, took it home, and immediately started taping it up for painting. Let's be clear, I started taping this on Saturday and didn't finish taping until last night. The painting was easy. The taping was ridiculous. Here is a crappy phone photo that I took at night and was too lazy to focus. I used masking tape for the lines and mailing tape to cover the stripes I was leaving unpainted as well as the edges. Notice that I ran out of blue tape so I started using regular masking. And then I ran out of regular masking. And then I ran out of mailing tape, so I had to go buy three different rolls of tape to finish the job (and keep up my tape supply).
But even with all the crawling and measuring and marking and taping, when it was all dry and I peeled the tape off, man. I was in love.
I went with chevron stripes since the rug had a border. If it hadn't, I was going to go with horizontal stripes (which obviously would have been much easier, but pain=beauty). So for a $30 rug and a $3 sample size can of paint? Pretty good stuff.


Lisa 8/20/10, 6:29 PM  

So I was checking out Freebies2Deals, and I found you! What are the odds? Anyway, just thought I'd say hi, love the blog, and hope you're doing well!

Sarah 8/23/10, 2:06 PM  

I absolutely love what you did with the rug! Such a good idea because I can never find the perfect rug that works just right with my decor. Awesome awesome.

Jenna Robert 9/1/10, 5:07 PM  

I love this! Does the paint on it feel weird at all?

Krista 9/1/10, 5:24 PM  

Thanks guys!

The rug doesn't feel weird at all. Since it was flatwoven, it wasn't exactly plush to begin with and the painted sections really don't feel any different from the non-painted sections. It is starting to get a little bit worn, which I was expecting and actually really like.

Katie Church 9/18/10, 2:42 PM  

You did an fantastic job. What type of paint did you use? Thanks so much! Also any tips for how you measured for the pattern?

Krista 9/19/10, 7:29 PM  

I just used regular house paint. I don't even know what kind of gloss. It was just a sample size. As for the pattern, I marked a dot every inches and alternated between one at the high point of the chevron and one at the low point (about four inches down the rug) and placed the tape so that it stretched between each point, if that makes sense.

kailee 8/16/11, 8:28 PM  

love this! So...I think I'm going to blog about your awesomeness! Love you a lot and I hope all is well with your little baby BOY!

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