November 5, 2010

fashion friday: election day

Jacket: Kohl's
Shirt: Forever 21
Jeans: Forever 21
Shoes: Target
Watch: me

This is what I wore on Election Day because voting is important and I wanted to match my clothes to the occasion. So I pulled out a sequined shirt, blazer, and heels from my closet. Or clean pile of laundry. Whatever the case may be. Plus, since my grandmother (not the one who just died, obv) was running for state senate, we were invited to the party for all county Democrats that night. I'll just say right now, I am registered as an unaffiliated voter but a sense of pride did creep into me when I listened to those Democrat candidates speak and thank everyone while I ate my meatballs and pineapple chunks. I imagine I might have had a similar sense at the Republican election party. I am easily swayed. Similar to my sister-in-law, I have a hard time deciding for whom to vote. I agree and disagree with both parties. I honestly don't know what I think is best in many issues. But I despise discussing politics with anyone who doesn't already love me because the tension is just too much! It makes me uncomfortable. So if I have unfriended you on facebook, it might be because you continuously posted vitriolic political comments. Whatever I think and vote, I have the right to avoid discussing the subject if I want to. God Bless America.

Oh and my grandma didn't win, alas, but she's still a state senator to me.


Sarah Familia 11/5/10, 8:29 AM  

You looked awesome for election day. Much better than we did when we last voted, and Tony actually wore his gigantic bright yellow "Yes on 8!" T-shirt to the polls. (Yes, he was heckled by the NO's and reprimanded by the poll workers . . .)

That's awesome that your grandma was running. I had no idea I was related to someone who was related to someone famous.

Thanks for the link, by the way!

Ashley Arnold 11/5/10, 9:08 AM  

Darling. Absolutely darling.

Betty 11/5/10, 9:23 AM  

Stunning from head to toe. Love the bright red lipstick.

Rachel 11/5/10, 2:34 PM  

You're completely gorgeous. I love everything about it.

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