November 10, 2010

random photo: business cards

I had a coupon code for 100 free business cards from Overnight Prints a few weeks ago so I thought, why not? Sometimes the women in my ward who want to be nice and make me feel included ask me about my etsy shop and when I tell them the url, they generally look confused. Now I can just hand them a card and they don't feel obligated to say "what?" five times and we can all move on with our lives.

I designed the cards myself and then uploaded them to the website, although they have templates as well. I don't actually recommend Overnight Prints as they certainly took longer than overnight (try three or four weeks) and some of them arrived with a white border on just the left side of the card. But they were free, so I can't really complain. And now I have 100 cards. Anybody want one?


Ashley Arnold 11/10/10, 1:38 PM  

FUN!!!!! I want one! I'll get one on the 20th, when we see each other. Just don't give them all out before then.

Anonymous,  11/11/10, 8:31 PM  
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Salt City Style 11/11/10, 11:20 PM  

those are so awesome! you did a great job designing them. :)

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