January 24, 2011


Guys. My creative mind is tired and feeling inadequate. I don't want to write, make anything, or spend one more second thinking about how to decorate our new apartment. So instead of writing a post that's supposed to go up Monday morning, I'm going to close the computer and paint my nails. But not before telling you that we found a new apartment! It's perfect for us and I'm really relieved that it's all taken care of. We will start moving in a week and finish in two. Gotta get packing. Thanks for all your concern, you guys are the best!


Rachel 1/24/11, 3:41 PM  

You're so good. When I feel "blah" I just stop posting. No foretold warning. I hope the moving goes well and I can't wait to see your new apartment!

Ashley Arnold 1/24/11, 6:01 PM  

Oh GOOD!! I'm so glad you guys found something. I'm going to text you the rest of my message... xoxo

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