February 16, 2011

random photo: valentine's celebration

For Valentine's Day, before I left for work, I placed these fruit stickers from Twig and Thistle (you know, the ones every blogger talked about) on pieces of fruit throughout the house, along with some heart-shaped love notes in various places. Sam used all the bananas to make banana muffins over the weekend, so the banana sticker had to go with a muffin.

We met up for lunch at Texas Roadhouse which was great except for the part when while walking to our table, my ankle gave out and I collapsed to the floor on hands and knees. My knees are still sore but luckily my embarrassment has subsided.

When I got home from work, there were homemade paper flowers and Reese's cups (because I had mentioned that a heart-shaped box of chocolates is all well and good but I preferred me some chocolate without so much class). Darling man.

We exchanged gifts (Kings tickets for him, cute bird paper clips and a wire for hanging pictures for me, which I love, by the way. He knows me so well) and had a candlelit dinner of fondue and chocolate lava cake at home. After dinner, we snuggled in bed and watched Phantom of the Opera on the laptop.

Quite a successful Valentine's. And then, the next day I discovered (again) that lover is absolutely the most adorable man in the whole world.


Jessie 2/16/11, 2:33 PM  

Happy Valentine's Day! Sounds like you guys had an amazing day!

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