March 11, 2011

fashion friday: library excitement

Vest: thrifted
Tee: Forever 21
Necklace: Forever 21
Jeans: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Forever 21

Moving to a new town means a new library card and a new library to explore. We were really excited to do those things because as I've mentioned before, we're huge nerds. We've decided our new library is not nearly as impressive as our old one, with much less selection which is a little bit depressing. On the other hand, it does have new books right on the shelves for which I was planning on being on wait lists for weeks at the old one. And it has a sweet navy blue globe I want to steal for my collection. 

So. Obviously it is a very important debate we are engaged in over here.


Betty 3/11/11, 9:43 AM  

You're the most fashionable nerd ever.

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