March 18, 2011

fashion friday: marketing

Blazer: Kohl's
Shirt: made by me
Belt: Shade
Jeans: Forever 21
Shoes: Forever 21

I've been wondering about something for awhile now and I wanted to see if Salisbury Homes' billboard slogans appeal to anyone. They drive me crazy. Let me tell you what I mean:

"Utah was named the most fiscally fit state in the nation. Let's all celebrate by buying a new Salisbury Home!" What makes something fiscally fit is not spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in celebration of some random award. Plus I think it means the Utah government anyway which has nothing to do with Utah residents' fiscal status and they are the ones buying homes. 

"Where are we located? Like pretty much everywhere 'n stuff." Bad grammar in marketing is hardly ever funny and certainly not in this case. What's the point?

"Your new home just called. You paid too much." This makes no sense. If you have a new home already, even if you paid too much, you're not going to buy a different one. If they mean your new Salisbury home called, then they're saying their own homes cost too much.

Do you agree? Or do you see redeeming qualities that I'm missing?


Amanda 3/18/11, 7:24 AM  

Hahaha! Those slogans are funny, but only because I agree with you and think they don't make much sense. You should call their marketing department. Lol

Candace 3/18/11, 8:17 AM  

LOL... you're totally right!

Brissa 3/18/11, 9:26 AM  

oh, hello rockin outfit and sexy krista.

Rebecca 3/18/11, 10:05 AM  

As an advertiser by profession, how could I not comment on this post. All I have to say it, do not waste your time ever reading any billboards on I-15. They are awful. Especially these Salisbury ones. However I will say, simply using bad grammar does not a bad ad make. They just didn't do it right. But the slogan "Got Milk" which is terrible grammar, is one of the most celebrated taglines of this era. GS&P, the agency who came up with that line knew it wasn't correct, but had an intuitive feeling about it. That's what separates good creative from the bad. Sorry, this got long fast. I just love talking about advertising!

Brittany 3/18/11, 3:47 PM  

completely agree! and that shirt is so darn cute! how'd you make it!! lil miss seam-stress.

Rachel 3/20/11, 2:06 PM  

I wanted to tell you this when I first saw this blog and forgot until now, but I LOVE your hair like this. I think it is extremely flattering.

styled by 3 3/20/11, 3:35 PM  

i love the floral with the black blazer- lovely! and you made that shirt? love it! i'm trying to learn to sew... maybe someday i can make a shirt too. or maybe i'll just stick to... not sewing, i'm better at that :)


Meredith 3/22/11, 9:38 AM  

two things: i adore the shirt, wish you'd made it for me! two: your etsy shop is beyond perfection. i adore the chrysanthemum earrings and the gold feather necklace so much. i seriously can't stop browsing it. here's an advertising line for your shop "if you want to look better, shop here" it has a nice ring to it, right? ;)

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