May 2, 2011

spanish class

Husband on his mission in Puerto Rico

So in our new ward, we have been called to be ward missionaries. The main job we have is to help with the English classes held three times a week in our church building for anyone who wants to come. We teach beginning to intermediate English to Spanish speakers. When I say we teach, I mean Sam teaches and I concentrate very hard on trying to follow what is going on. I'm a little bit ashamed to admit I took four years of Spanish in middle and high school and then a semester of it in college, as well as spent six weeks in El Salvador and I still can't speak anything but present tense and with a terrible accent (although I do understand at least half of what everyone is saying around me). Husband, on the other hand, speaks fluently from his mission. He's been keeping it up for the most part, taking classes in college, and even using it for various jobs. He thinks he messes up all the time but I think he sounds perfect. And sexy. Anyway, he's been giving me some very rudimentary lessons and he's the cutest teacher I've ever had. I think I would have paid much more attention in high school had this been the arrangement.


Jannifer 5/2/11, 8:57 AM  

We are ward missionaries too! We only speak in English though. :)

Ashley Arnold 5/2/11, 9:26 AM  

That's awesome!! I love that he's the cutest teacher you've ever had... what, you didn't like "Senor Gordo?" (What was his name? I can't remember...)

Sarah Familia 5/2/11, 10:35 AM  

And don't you just love it when he addresses you in "tu"? Or is that only a post-Spanish-speaking mission thing?

Kristina and Joe 5/2/11, 11:49 AM  

That's awesome that you are teaching English classes. I would love to teach an English class.

Tangerine 5/3/11, 10:04 PM  

I teach English too! But my students are mostly Asian. And we're only allowed to speak English.

It's pretty wild and crazy fun.

Not to mention exhausting.

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