January 22, 2012

little man

This little man is my favorite thing. Ever.


Rachel 1/22/12, 3:53 PM  

Oh my goodness! He's so teeny =). I love it!

By the way, Sarah calls Raj little man. I call gideon little man. And now you call Carter little man. We're going to have some confused little men at our next family reunion. I will love it!

mary 1/23/12, 2:23 PM  

Oh, a perfect little boy. Look at those little neck folds, that darling little chin. Every little detail of him is so sweet.

Mandy | Baking with Blondie 1/29/12, 5:30 PM  

Well done Krista! Such a cute little one. I'm so happy for you three. You're going to be such a fantastic Mom :)

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