March 3, 2012

two months

Carter turned two months old yesterday. Sam and I couldn't be more in love with him. I wonder when we will stop oohing and ahhing over everything he does? For now, every new expression and noise he makes causes us to look at each other and exclaim how cute he is. 

We blessed him this month, which was amazing. I started crying before it even started. 

He had his first cold which freaked me out at first but then we all lived through it and now I feel like having a sick kid is old hat. We did have to take him to the pediatrician to make sure it wasn't RSV (it was not, thank goodness) and while we were there, they heard a heart murmur for the first time. So then we had to go to the cardiologist and take some very expensive tests to find out that everything is normal. I suppose the peace of mind was worth it. Plus he handled those tests like a champ.

He has also learned to smile and coo! It is the most adorable thing I've ever seen in my life. He absolutely knows my voice and responds with a smile. Sam's too. I can't believe I could love this little baby so much.

Not that every day is perfect. Some days he is randomly fussy and some days he doesn't want to go to bed til midnight and some nights he wakes up four or five times and I get so tired that I cry and Sam has to take him so I can sleep uninterrupted for more than an hour. But right when I'm so tired, he will suddenly stop eating and look up at me and giggle and it melts my heart completely.

Two months is so much older than a brand new baby and that makes me a little sad but luckily he gets more fun every day so I guess it's ok. I'll keep him.


mary 3/3/12, 5:21 PM  

Suuuuuuper cute picture... wish I could meet him!!

Rachel 3/3/12, 5:37 PM  

You've described Motherhood so well. Ben and I still haven't stopped oohing and ahhing.

I'm so glad you guys are having such a wonderful time! All three of us love all three of you! Happy two months!

P.s. Is a picture of that adorable smile coming next?

Betty 3/3/12, 7:10 PM  

He's filling out those onesies quite nicely.

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