July 31, 2012


So my birthday was oh, almost two weeks ago and I'm just getting around to posting about it. My boys took great care of me. First, this guy SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT (from bedtime until morning) for the first time on my birthday! 
It was magnificent. I will give all the details of how this came to be on his next monthly update (argh that's in two days! I'm so behind on blogging. We also moved last weekend, across town, in case you didn't know. I will be posting about that hopefully soon, also). Anyway, my birthday. After a lovely morning of celebration including such things as cupcakes, love letters, and presents in the shape of new clocks, 
it was off to lunch at Tucano's to spend my free birthday meal certificate. 
Mmmm cheese puffs. Carter loved them too.
We walked around the various shops and took random pictures.

It was a wonderful day with my two loves. The end.


Jannifer 8/1/12, 9:14 AM  

Happy Birthday Krista!! Looks like you had fun!

Betty 8/1/12, 3:19 PM  

For some reason I loved this post so much it made me cry. You are making such a beautiful family.

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