August 3, 2012


(I may have let him have a small piece of Oreo wafer....)

Just kidding on a couple of things from the seven months post yesterday. TODAY he cut his first tooth AND stood up in his crib, thereby needing it to be lowered. Also while I was lowering the crib, he army crawled all around his room and got into ev-er-y-thing. Ok then.


mary 8/3/12, 8:00 PM  

Oh Krista. This baby. So cute. Glad he is sleeping for you.

Betty 8/3/12, 8:04 PM  

Oreo + drool. Deadly combination.

Rachel 8/4/12, 7:16 AM  

I think his eyelashes have gone ahead and grown just like the rest of him. They're beautiful! How fun for you guys =). I'm glad he's sleeping so great! He looks very happy.

Jessie 8/5/12, 9:09 PM  

What an amazing little boy you have Krista! You are such a great mom and I love your blog :)

Adriana Burnett 7/29/22, 7:03 AM  

Thoughtful blog thanks for sharing

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