October 2, 2012

nine months

This last month will go down in history as the month of the teething. Oh the teething. Four teeth in just over four weeks. So, you know, constantly. What a funny little grin he has now, though! 

Besides the teething, Carter had his first haircut this month. I find myself surprisingly unsentimental about the whole thing. I'm not into the whole long haired baby boy thing so Sam took to his scissors and saving a small mistake above the left ear (Carter was very squirmy), it came out looking quite debonair. Don't mind the bedhead in this picture (also you'll notice I had to distract him with a block; he did not want to sit still for any amount of time).

Carter loves exploring. The last places left undiscovered (below four feet above the ground) are the toilet and under the kitchen sink. He wants so badly to fully inspect both of them. Whenever anyone is in the vicinity of either, he races over there with grand hopes, only to be denied his wish. Poor little guy. Still, he is easily distracted with the fridge and/or shower. They are a close second in excitement.

He has started to listen to and obey me! It makes me feel like a real parent. I've been trying to teach him for months to sit down in the tub by physically pulling him down every time he stands up while firmly saying "sit down." And now, when I say it (without doing anything to make him), he sits! And I clap and cheer and he laughs and waves his arms. It's all very fulfilling for all parties involved.

He's quite a happy little boy, painful gums aside. Anyone who spends just a little time with him is immediately enchanted. I'm head over heels.


Rachel 10/6/12, 10:35 PM  

Wow Krista! I am amazed at how quickly he continues to progress. I love this picture! He looks like a very happy, very active, very boyish baby. I love it!

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