March 18, 2013

a toddler

This winter has been killing us with sickness and ear infections and teething and more sickness. The last month or so especially has been filled with too much infirmity and not enough sleep so I am very sorry for the lack of posts. If I can get us all fed and dressed and the house cleaned for more than two days in a row, it's a miracle. I think, maybe, perhaps, tentatively, spring and molars are almost here? And I can have energy again? Let's go with yes.

Carter, when he is not miserably sick and/or cutting teeth like a fanatic, is so. much. fun. I mean, yes, he is such a little independent stubborn bossy-pants now that he is walking, but oh to see him running down the sidewalk giggling or lifting his shirt and patting his belly when asked where it is, I could just die. He says Mama, Daddy, Grandma, ball, bottle, moo (for a cow sound), Tar-Tar (for Carter, in the most adorable British accent? What?), hi, yes, no (with accompanying head shake) all done/all gone (lifting and spreading his hands), and I love you (not actually understandably to anyone but me). He can blow a kiss and point to his eyes and nose and head and belly. He pats my back when he hugs me, even when he's crying from his latest bonk on the head. He brings me books to read to him, he has mastered his shape sorter (with only the smallest help from me), he still climbs like a monkey. He stirs imaginary soups whenever he can get some sort of bowl shape and some sort of utensil. He loooooves throwing balls (or any small objects) and sort of plays catch, with no actual catching by anyone. But he thinks he's playing it and it delights him. 

Church is basically a nightmare now as is the grocery store. When people said, "oh good luck once he walks. You're in for it," I thought, how can it be that much different than crawling? To him, IT IS. He is his own man now and no one will stop him! He can walk and that means he can decide everything for himself! No sitting in carts! No sitting anywhere! DEATH FIRST!!! And other dramatics.

This last week has been semi-warm and we have spent a good amount of time outside. He can't get enough, even though he just runs up and down the sidewalk the whole time. He refuses to be on grass unless absolutely necessary, such as for ball retrieval. He thinks he can walk up and down stairs now, although he can't and scared us to death by falling down our cement steps once already. But he is a tough little guy and it hardly phased him for longer than a minute and of course he still tries to walk down them all the time. Argh.

This kid. I love him so.


Betty 3/18/13, 6:14 PM  

This post made me love him more and more.

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