May 7, 2013


Now that Carter is down to one nap a day, I find myself much more of a morning person than I ever was before. Now that the option of my using his morning nap as my own go-back-to-bed-time is gone, I (mostly) cheerfully get up and get ready right away, or at least in the first few hours of being up. That is right away, didn't you know. It's a strange paradox that now that I don't take a nap, I am able to happily go about my morning.  One would think a nap would make for a happier me, instead, it made me count down the 2-3 hours until I could go back to bed, thereby making me slightly sullen and of course unable to make the bed or get out of my pajamas or even do something so energy-needing as make a real breakfast. Poor Carter. In my defense, the kid usually likes to play by himself and will eat anything for breakfast so my early morning "neglect" was not as bad as it sounds. I at least laid on the floor and read books to him. Anyway, it's been remedied so let's not dwell on the dismal past. 

I have run into another problem, however, and that is my new need for ambitious breakfasts. You know, something that involves measuring, mixing, and cooking. The problem is this: I am easily defeated. This morning I found a recipe for oatmeal waffles and got out all my ingredients, filled the sink with soapy warm water for Carter to stand on a chair and pour from cup to cup (bare chested with his pajamas unzipped to the waist and tied, like a mechanic's coveralls. Unbelievably adorable), and measured out a cup of milk and a little vinegar for the "buttermilk" in the recipe. Then. I read the first step after the ingredient list. Soak oatmeal overnight!!! Cut to me, twenty minutes later, still looking up recipes for breakfast that won't take all day and might use buttermilk, Carter running around in wet coveralls, and no breakfast in sight. 

Seriously, what are we going to eat for breakfast?


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