July 8, 2013

eighteen months

Carter. One and a half years old. He is so big and is not a baby at all. At his checkup, he was 33 inches tall and only 21.3 pounds in weight. That's the 71% for height and only 13% for weight. He seems to have inherited the Barney genes (at least, the Barney male genes. I am certainly not 13% for weight).

He can and does say at least 100 words (I counted from memory and I may be missing some). It's crazy how much he talks using real words. He always wants me to tell him what things are called. His vocabulary is mostly nouns with a very few verbs and adjectives thrown in (and also animal sounds which are what exactly?). 

Climbing is still a favorite past-time, along with reading, swimming, eating, playing with his friend Kate, hanging out with Grandma (both of them), and pointing out cars and balls everywhere. He is getting so brave with swimming and it is the best thing to watch. He is actually a great eater, eating lots of variety of things including vegetables but also devouring tons of fruit. He loves fruit. We stopped giving him a bottle a couple weeks ago and it was extremely traumatic for him. He asked for a bottle first thing every morning and after every nap and was very sad when he didn't get it. He refused to drink milk at all for about a week or so but now he will. I had to mix in chocolate almond milk to get him to start up again, but I slowly put less and less in and now he's drinking almost straight milk out of his sippy cup which is good. 

He started nursery this week and it was THE. BEST. He loved it, I loved it, I hope the nursery leaders loved it... Nursery is my favorite invention ever right now.

This boy is such a joy to me. He is so fun to be with and play with and joke with and laugh with. He finds such delight in everything and it makes me so so happy.

Love you Carter man.


Tangerine 7/8/13, 10:55 AM  

I totally agree about him inheriting the Barney genes. I've been thinking for months that he's looking so much like your dad and your brothers.

Tim and I pretty much had the nursery from hell yesterday (we're nursery leaders in our ward), so it made me laugh to read your comment about it from the parent's perspective.

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