August 30, 2013

what a month

This month has been crazy busy. A brother coming home from a mission, two family reunions, family pictures, a future sister-in-law going through the temple, two bridal showers, a homecoming, Sam's parents staying with us, and a trip to Cedar City for the Utah Shakespeare Festival with my grandparents.

Whew. It was a lot of fun and I loved every second (or mostly every second).

In the meantime, Carter has learned to open doors by himself, can climb all the way up the piano even with the bench pushed all the way in, and cut four more teeth (for a total of sixteen). Whew again.

He can also count to three (sometimes just two), say please and thank you without being prompted (he does confuse thank you and you're welcome which is hilariously adorable), say an occasional two word sentence (pants off, usually), put on his own shoes, tell me he's hungry and for what, and go down the big slide by himself. He loves books, stickers, coloring, the park, swimming, and TRUCKS. We talk/read/hear/see/imitate trucks exactly one point three zillion times per day. 

It's been a good month.


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