February 19, 2014

baby #2

In case you missed the facebook/instagram post a couple weeks ago, I am pregnant again! Hooray! (Doesn't this picture make you think I'm having triplets? I am not, don't even. I just don't trust pregnancy tests when they say pregnant so I take a million.)

We are, of course, thrilled. And, of course, it took a long time and a miracle to get us another baby. It appears this will be our life. We started on Clomid right when we wanted to start trying again, a little more than a year ago, since we figured we would need it. It showed no sign of working whatsoever for about nine months. Then we went off of it since we were switching insurance companies and were spending a couple months uninsured. And lo and behold, miracle of miracles, we got pregnant without trying. It really was crazy and so wonderfully exciting.

I'm about 16 to 19 weeks along, which is another story. The doctor can't decide when I'm due because I have such messed up, long cycles. I think I'm due August 7 but he thinks it could be even earlier, up to July 18. I have an ultrasound scheduled in a couple weeks to measure the baby and see for sure. And probably find out the gender at the same time.

Anyway, we are beyond thrilled and Carter is the cutest older brother already. He kisses my bump (already huge again, by the way), tells the baby he loves it and just generally gets excited whenever we talk about it. Me too, buddy, me too.


mary 2/19/14, 8:09 PM  

Krista, YAY!!!! So exciting! Wish your ultrasound was TOMORROW!

Jonathan and Raechel 2/20/14, 4:54 PM  

Congratulations! I'm sorry it is such a hard thing to get there, but I hope all goes well and healthy for you! What a fun adventure!

Brissa 3/6/14, 10:30 AM  

every time i see anything about your little baby i get so excited! yay for baby number 2!

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