October 2, 2008

To play or not to play... sports, not males.

Last night was bowling night. Yes, I am on a bowling team. In a bowling league. With a bowling uniform. Granted, it is just a t-shirt we made. And no, I don't have my own shoes, ball, or bag for said non-possessed ball. But, lest you think I'm not serious about my bowling, here is a picture of my uniform for all to enjoy:Impressive, I know! I didn't help make up our name or our logo or anything; it was all a fellow teammate, whose creativity astounds me. Originally, I thought this t-shirt would be my favorite part of being in a bowling league. And while I do highly enjoy it, guess what! I'm not that terrible at bowling. At least not anymore. After 3 weeks, 9 games, and 1 sore arm, I have become a non-liability! Announcing my new favorite part of bowling: getting a score above 100 three games in a row! Thank you, thank you. If you are inclined to roll your eyes and think "why in the world does this girl think that is a big accomplishment," then just listen. Or continue reading.

I was born straight into the arms of two athletes. Talented athletes. Competitive athletes. Shortly thereafter, four more athletes were born straight into the arms of the two original athletes. A few years and some hard training later, teams were formed. Basketball, volleyball, baseball, football, soccer, etc. I have been trounced by my so-called loving family in every sport my entire life, never showing a single lick of aptitude for anything. I think my parents quietly cried at night and then, after becoming resigned, focused all their hopes and dreams on my four brothers. Who, by the way, fulfill all those dreams and more. Long ago I learned to get comfortable in last place. I day-dream during croquet games, sit out and cheer during basketball games, and always, always bowl a nice 60. And I always had other things to distract me from this, like choir and English and the good-looking boys that populated my high school. Still, I gotta admit that sometimes it was a little frustrating when natural ability eluded me game after game.

NOT ANYMORE. Final score last night? One four one. 141! That, my friends, is nothing short of a miracle. We are witnessing, together, the birth of a new era. One where good triumphs evil. Light overcomes darkness. With liberty and justice for all. I, Krista, do hereby state that I am going to have a solid bowling season.

At least until my next game. I make no promises after that.


Casey 10/2/08, 8:20 PM  

Ha ha, wow krista, 141 is VERY impressive.

Jannifer 10/3/08, 11:37 AM  

Krista, I'm so proud of you. I'm going to come cheer at one of your games. I'm pretty sure you will be the only team with your personal cheerleader. (I'll work on tricks beforehand.)

Anonymous,  10/5/08, 5:35 PM  

That shirt is the coolest thing I have ever seen. I've never been more jealous of a screen print tee than I am right now.

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