October 6, 2008

You might get baked into a pie

Spent the weekend with my family. This translates to "spent the weekend listening to my brother sing random songs over and over and over." Heard this little ditty a few times.

We played a knock-off version of Pictionary (because apparently the real Pictionary was way too expensive back in the day. My question is, why didn't my parents just buy a pad of paper and a box of markers and let us use our creativity? Why bother with a fancy cardboard box and some inconsequential phrase cards? Clearly they should have just raised us in a log cabin with nothing but our own imaginations to entertain us. Tsk tsk). My youngest brother tried to draw the phrase "chip on your shoulder" and probably because he was working with cheap materials, he had a bit of a hard time. To the point that this exclamation came from my father: "That's NOT a guy flying headfirst into an outhouse?!?" They lost.

My favorite part of the whole weekend? Learning that one's 9-year-old sister will only stand for so much "monkey business" when entrusted with chaperoning. Found out that if I kiss Sam for longer than five seconds, I can expect a flying kick to the face. This will be great when SHE'S young and in love and I am a crotchety old woman who doesn't like tom-foolery. See how proud she is of those rules THEN.


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