February 18, 2009

Duties of a Homemaker

For the last few weeks I have been feeling the urge to be creative and make beautiful things. I believe this is an instinct that is programmed to kick in after one assumes the duty of managing a household (I'm not sure where mine came from though, because Sam manages our household and I earn money all day and then I sit around and watch TV. Or read because I'm slightly more cultured than the average drunk husband). For the first month of marriage, I decorated our apartment. I spent a lot of time moving things from place to place, deciding where they looked best. I bought pillows and frames and even a decorative jar into which I poured sand and seashells from our beach honeymoon. Ordered gorgeous chocolate brown couch covers which were then delivered and lovingly placed over our ugly couches. Now, the apartment is pretty complete (sans wedding pictures but I already have the frames and wall spots ready to go) and I have turned to making accessories for myself. This is my first attempt:

Here I am modeling my new handmade accessory.

Yes, one extremely difficult craft. Or not. I have plans for a few more of varying styles. And then, who knows? Where will this craft streak end? Will I start down the dangerous road of scrapbooking??? Nah, I'll probably just go back to sitting around watching TV.


Casey 2/18/09, 12:50 PM  

i want to see pictures of your place!! pronto!

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