February 20, 2009

weekend well-wishing

Today I've been pretending it's raining in the city and I'm sitting in a bookstore with a mug of hot chocolate right next to a window. Listening to this really helps the whole image: Amy Seeley "Eight Belles"

Thank goodness it's Friday and in just 5 hours, I will have the entire weekend stretching gloriously before me. Driving home from work on Fridays I have the delicious feeling that anything is possible because a. I don't have to set my alarm for two days and b. no one can tell me what to do with my time. Mainly this means lots of sleep and pajama wearing and shower avoiding. It's amazing what a little freedom does to me. I'm just waiting for the weekend I start communicating with grunts. And speaking of cave-dwelling behaviors, I seriously recommend finding out before you are married whether or not your husband-to-be expects you to shave your legs regularly. Because if he does, and you're not really a razor happy girl, there might be a problem. Fortunately I majorly lucked out in that Sam doesn't care if I shave every day or fewer than once a month. BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW WHAT I'M GOING TO CHOOSE. But those poor girls who married men who like their women smooth! TRAGIC!

I bet girls who get to sit in bookstores in the city during rain always shave their legs.

Happy weekend everyone.


Jannifer 2/20/09, 1:33 PM  

Krista, you are my favorite.

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