March 3, 2009

continuing the clumsiness/craftiness

You know that person in every group of people that incessantly cautions against carelessness? That warns against "dangerous" activities? That if you set off firecrackers in a parking lot on July EIGHTH would continuously and irritatingly repeat, "Watch out for cops/fire/tripping/looking directly at the firecracker when it goes off" etc. Yeah, that person is me. Even the times I realize that things aren't really dangerous and it's super annoying for everyone else to hear me worry, I have to stuff my fist in my mouth and worry internally until the danger of fire comes from my head exploding instead of the firecracker.

So you'll understand the fear that filled me yesterday when I accidentally (the "how" of this action is not important) set a paper towel on fire at work. In a totally carpeted area with no un-burnable surface in sight. I stayed relatively calm and tried to blow it out. BZZZT! TRY AGAIN! The paper towel was then burning even harder (if paper towels have levels of fire intensity) and was still unexplicably in my hand. At that point I was very aware of the fact that the whole building was filled with items that are not mine/might be expensive to replace if burned including the building itself. I'm afraid of ruining someone else's possessions just as much as I'm afraid of danger. And actually more than I'm afraid of burning myself. As you can see, my only option was to run all the way downstairs to the bathroom sink/tiled floor with my mass of flames. And let me tell you, by the time I got downstairs, it was no longer a paper towel but a mass of flames. In my hand. Keep in mind I never went to Scout Camp and am therefore unfamiliar with the sensation of my hand being on fire. It freaking HURT. So I threw it on the floor just inside the bathroom door and stomped it out. But I was shaking from the close call-ness of it all. One foot earlier and I would have burned down the building. Or at least scorched the carpet. Both very terrible options.

The point of all this is this: I burned the entire back of my right thumb. And I will be forever justified in worrying about setting oneself on fire whilst playing with firecrackers and/or toaster ovens.

HOWEVER. If I'm clumsy, I'm also crafty! Check these coasters out. My husband and I made them. He's so supportive of me when I come home with an idea and some supplies. He makes my soul feel free like this bird:


Justin Ferrell 3/9/09, 3:22 PM  

I want to know how it is that you were able to light a paper towel on fire, despite your fear of disaster? You can't just leave us hanging like this Krista

Krista 3/11/09, 10:58 AM  

Ok ok. I was using the toaster oven and I didn't want to pull my bagel out bare-handed as it was hot. So I used a paper towel and it touched the filament at the top and caught on fire. Happy now?

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