April 9, 2009

And I return

So. It's always awkward to run into someone you used to be so close with that you knew their every happening every day, but then you stopped keeping in touch with them for awhile and missed so many things that there's no way to really catch up. What do you say? How do you hear everything about their lives again in one meeting? It is nigh to impossible so instead of trying to pretend like I need to catch you all up on everything that has happened in the last month, I will just skip over it like it didn't happen and move on to here and now with only a small pause for remorse: I am sorry for my lack of blogging but in my defense, work has been trying to kill me when I'm not looking. I've been busy defending myself. So let's forgive and forget and go back to being intimate friends.

I want to share this joyous bit of goodness with you, my bestest friends, now that we've made up:
These cookies are the most marvelous cookies ever made by a corporation instead of someone's mother. They originate in the UK and there is one store in the US. It happens to be in Salt Lake! (Cheer for something cool in Utah!) Next time you are at the Gateway in Salt Lake, seriously, go buy a cookie from Ben's Cookies. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT (at least until you weigh yourself later but that's why I don't own a scale). I recommend this one:
Triple Chocolate. Sam and I stock up on these every time we're in Salt Lake (probably one of the reasons we've both gained some pounds since marriage... whatever. I just tell people that my fat stomach is actually a baby and then they think I'm a beautiful, glowing mother instead of the normal, slightly bulging person that I am). Sam brought me a box of Ben's Cookies home as a surprise when he had to drive to Salt Lake for work the other day, and let's just say he got his just desserts... (haha get it, desserts?)

Anyway, now that I've ingratiated myself back into your favor, let's discuss people-watching. I do this avidly. One of my favorite places/times to do so lately has been Sam's flag-football games. When I'm not cheering for his sexy catches and blocks, I'm checking out the other spectators. Some of the funniest people come to these flag-football games to watch their players. There are the wives, of course. Usually these come with little toddlers who wander all over and narrowly avoid death by an errant step onto the field multiple times per game. The wives are pretty calm besides running to grab their child and are therefore mainly unsuitable for people-watching. The babies can be funny but rarely. I enjoy the girlfriends if they're "loud and proud" meaning they feel the need to shout "THAT'S MY BOYFRIEND! YAY SWEETIE!" at the top of their lungs every time their man comes within a foot of the ball. Most of the girlfriends then look furtively over their shoulders to make sure the other girls realize #5 is taken. The other girls make up the group of "potential girlfriends " or, my favorite people-watching subjects. These girls always, ALWAYS come in groups of at least two, usually three. They are never ever prepared for the freezingness that is sitting on a sideline for an hour at night in Utah's spring weather because the necessary multiple layers hide their cute figures. These girls huddle for warmth, share blankets, giggle through the entire game, always wonder aloud what's our team name? and who's winning? and how long until the game is freaking OVER? I especially enjoy these girls when they are cheering for Sam and his teammates. I like to avoid the other team's fans as much as possible because I'm likely to get heatedly angry when I hear them trash talk. But the potential girlfriends cheering for my team? I like to watch and see which team member they like especially, and then, since I've learned all Sam's team's names after 20 or so games, yell stuff like "Yeah Sean! Nice play!" and then watch the girl who came because she wants to be Sean's girlfriend freak out to her friends in worry that she has competition. This is very wrong but very fun.

Besides the people-watching, I do enjoy watching my husband play football (it's pretty hot) and I enjoy the game itself. Sam has a championship in basketball and softball and now he needs one in football to make his college intramural trifecta complete. He's playing in the semi-finals on Friday so cross your fingers! And if you end up there too for some reason, maybe I'll relax my rule of no fraternizing with the other spectators and we can watch together. If you promise not to interrupt to ask me what's happening.


Amanda 5/7/09, 10:28 AM  

Ok, I just found your blog when I sent you that message on facebook and had to comment on this post because I think it's hilarious!! I too am a big fan of people watching and know exactly what you're talking about with the different types of people going to games (they have that at Brian's games too). And, I think your strategies with the potential girlfriends is awesomely clever! I remember one time I yelled to one of the other players on Brian's team & then realized we had a potential girlfriend seated a little ways down from me and it was really funny to see their reaction and whispering after that. Soo funny!!

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