May 28, 2009

The trials of a desk job

Very rarely am I tempted to be a farmer, but it occasionally happens. Sometimes it really appeals to me to stay at home, my family all together, supporting ourselves as a family. Of course, for this to actually work, we'd have to grow a huge amount of something very specific that people need, like corn. Which may be more trouble than it's worth. Probably.

But when I think about how I'm at work right now instead of at home with poor sick Sam, it makes no sense! Blast these days of rent, phone bills, insurance, gas, and groceries! I really shouldn't complain at all, since I've been doing so well at my job that after four months I received a rather nice raise from a boss that as a rule does not give raises. Particularly not in crappy economies. And that was wonderful. But the real problem is that today I finished my work load in the first two hours I was here (plus most of tomorrow's!) and then I allowed myself to entertain the idea of going home early since I was such a wonderfully productive employee!!!! Unfortunately, when I voiced my great accomplishment, I got a pat on the back and a huge pile of new work. It happened something like this, "You're done already? Wow! Here are 20 more things that need to get done by Monday!" This is why I'm getting paid at this beautifully high rate, I know, to make this place run for eight hours, but that small moment that I allowed myself to dream of daytime TV and cinnamon toast with Sam... it has crushed my soul for the remainder of the day.

If I'm extremely lucky, I'll be sick tomorrow too...


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