June 18, 2009

An apple a day

Sam and I were discussing this morning, while examing ourselves in the bathroom mirror, how lately all we've been eating is crap and as Sam pointed out, you are what you eat. Which means... yes, our bodies are feeling crappy. Thus, today is the birth of the Great Revolution! Healthiness will prevail!

Goals: not feel like crap, lose the belly/face roundness (for both of us), actually do something each day involving moving around so that if we ever had to run for our lives for some reason, we could do it without collapsing and being caught by whatever predator is chasing us.

Problems I anticipate facing: I really like junk food, sleep can sometimes be more important to me than making a lunch-leaving me to face the very limited choice of food places near my work (pretty much burger, fries, and shake places), and... I hate running.

Don't judge me! I am begging for your help. Healthiness cannot prevail unless I can find an exercise I like. Food, well, I can control food if I really try. But exercise! The pain that comes from running is so very discouraging.

So far, we have listed our exercise options as thus: running, roller-blading, swimming, bike-riding, aerobics (can you tell which one I like).

Share your secrets, world of healthy people! Because we really don't want to be featured on TLC as the World's Heaviest Couple.


Mandy | Baking with Blondie 6/18/09, 9:59 AM  

why don't you go hiking together? Or swimming? The roller blading sounds like fun, too!

...try being married to an athlete - he running 90 miles a week makes me feel like a bloating elephant all the time. It's pretty sad when your 6'2 husband weighs less than you.. :(

maybe I'm just bitter.. hahah

Ashley Arnold 6/18/09, 12:07 PM  

Hey... check out my blog. I wrote that after I read your post. Hope it helps and answers some questions! LOVE YOU! www.organizedstress.blogspot.com

Grant 6/18/09, 2:23 PM  

About 8 months before I got married, I studied a lot about nutrition and exercise because I wanted to take a weightlifting class and knew that it would also require losing body fat to get a good grade. So for 8 months I worked very hard and felt awesome and was in the best shape ever for my wedding. Unfortunately, marriage and a desk job has taken its toll... But I have the same resolve as you once again because I'm tired of feeling crappy. This is what I have learned.

Ashley makes some good points -- the key is to have balance in your meals. Make sure each meal has some lean protein and fiber in it. This will keep you fuller longer and also maintain your blood sugar like she said. The reason an apple is such a good snack is because it has a low glycemic index -- the fiber in the apple causes the sugars to be slowly digested and so you maintain an even keel.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your metabolism is driven by several factors. One of these factors, genetics, cannot be changed. But the following suggestions will help raise your metabolism:
1. Build muscle. Lean muscle burns calories 24/7. Cardio alone does not achieve the same results as weight training AND cardio. In fact, too much cardio can actually cause muscle loss.
2. Eat healthy, eat often. When you eat, your bodies fine digestive system kicks your metabolism into gear to digest and metabolize your food. If you eat more often in smaller portions, your metabolism will be working more often and will allow you to burn more calories.

Just remember this--good health is probably somewhere around 80% eating (I don't say "diet" because that is a negative connotation and also implies something temporary) and 20% exercise. Even if you can't train for a marathon or go to the gym everyday, healthy eating habits will go a long way. Once you've developed good habits eating, then you can start throwing exercise in the mix. Trying to overturn your whole life all at once may last for a few weeks or a few months, but will eventually give. Grow into the new routine gradually and do something that you know you can maintain.

ashleydox 6/20/09, 3:56 PM  

Hey Krista - you have some awesome friends with great advice!
My favorite advice - do an exercise you like, because if you hate it, you are most likely not to do it. Roller-blading is an awesome way to exercise. Heck - just going for a walk each night with your honey will help!
My other favorite advice: what goes in must equal what is coming out (your calorie intake should be equal or less than your calorie output). You can have your junk food, but you need to fit it in with your input/output. Me - I could live off of ice-cream...
Good luck with everything!

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