June 15, 2009

Today is a good day

Recent musings:

It can be hard to admit to yourself that your pants size is rather bigger than what you're actually wearing every day. But oh how sweet it feels to give in, buy the big ones, and not have a stomachache every day! Besides which, Sam thinks my legs encased in jeans are quite nice regardless of the number on the tag.

A Farmer's market is always fun. There's something in the air, though, that makes you seriously consider growing dreadlocks and only wearing cotton dresses and leather sandals. Luckily, instead I just bought a woven bracelet and called it good.

Being someone who is afraid of being stung by bees, I would have thought my first encounter with a black widow would be much scarier than it was. However, even though it was at least a couple inches around, I perfectly calmly told that black widow what was what, through the medium of extra strength ant & spider killer (and Sam may have helped a lot...).

A couple weeks ago I made lemon bars from scratch. I don't make things from scratch. This experience was incredibly fulfilling. I was surprised. Sam raved and I think I'll dedicate my life to making lemon bars, it felt that good.

I have discovered photoshop + digital scrapbooking elements and of course, this means you will be seeing five thousand different blogs of mine in the next couple weeks as my ADD and OCD combine into a large obsession with my blog header. Feel priviliged that you get to watch the birth.


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