July 21, 2009


Dear Blogging,

Can I tell you something and have you promise not to be hurt? I may have been avoiding you juuuust a little. I didn't mean to at first! I was just really busy and then there was nothing to write about and then, even when I had things to say and ideas to share, writer's block was preventing the formation of sentences. And now, some of the things to discuss are time sensitive so really, I should stop being so selfish. So here I am. I have returned to you, Blogging, and while I can't promise I'll never leave again, I can say that I have missed you. Thanks for always being so understanding of my writing needs and moods.

First, did you know that I have a very pronounced phone voice? Blogging, I do! I surely do! I'm one of those people who speak perfectly normally face to face (in fact I might say quite charmingly). Then, I get on a phone call, particularly in a professional capacity and the fake cheeriness starts creeping out. The voice gets higher and the cheeks wider and the enunciation annoyingly clear. I do apologize for it. Forgive me, Blogging.

Next, I must mention my beautiful friends that helped me celebrate my birthday weekend. Wow, did you ever know such peeps? Blogging, you might know some good peeps, but not like my peeps. My peeps are the best peeps (and as a sidenote, Blogging, did you ever hear my mom refer to her friends as peeps? It's the best. You should try it sometime). Shoutout to my peeps! THANK YOU! We are all forever changed by that beautiful rendition of "Fever." Too bad you missed it, Blogging. Sorry.

Finally (and I know you have been waiting for this one, Blogging), I have to say, GO SEE THIS SHOW! I loved it. I loved that it made me laugh. I loved that it made me cry. I loved that it made me love my husband even more. I even loved that it made me love the people that asked us to shift to the left after we were the first ones in the theater and chose the exact middle of the row. I just loved it. You would too, Blogging. Tell all your peeps.

Til next time, Blogging, you'll always be in my heart.

Very truly yours, Krista


Dave 7/21/09, 11:29 PM  

Thanks, Krista. :)

Mandy | Baking with Blondie 7/22/09, 9:31 AM  

quite the clever girl you are, Krista!!!

btw -- my earrings are SO cute! Thank you so much!!!

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