July 24, 2009

Give and take

Yesterday I was peering up at a bird's nest in the eaves of our house. It was chirping quite loudly (I didn't see any chicks, so I can only assume the nest itself was chirping). While I was doing said peering up at said nest to determine the cause of said chirping, a fully grown mother bird came out of there like a bullet from a gun and dive-bombed at my face.

I screamed bloody murder and then gratefully, because I am intimidating probably, the bird missed my face and swooped too far to the west. And then Sam laughed. Can you believe it? In my time of fear and need, Sam laughed right in my face.

Afterwards, he made me a steak and a twice-baked potato and his yummy salad that I call Sweet Ambrosia of Summer (I made that name up right this second) as well as his tasty homemade lemonade. And even though technically I made the salad and even set the table (with fancy goblets to cancel out the fact that I set the table on the coffee table in front of the tv), it was very delicious and lovely. I suppose he also, before the said dive-bombing, very sweetly tucked me into our bed for a nice little nap ("tucked me in" is a figure of speech here because it's too hot for bedclothing or any clothing really, but there is such a thing as propriety, people) and he didn't even protest when I commandeered the fan for my napping use.

So I guess I can forgive him. Although we'll just see how funny he finds it when I train that bird to dive-bomb his face.


Ashley Arnold 7/28/09, 12:08 PM  

I am seriously laughing my head off right now. :)

Mandy | Baking with Blondie 7/28/09, 3:05 PM  

Oh, I have those moments too with my husband! Feel the love, man! they have it comin' just wait!! :)

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