September 11, 2009

Happy birthday

My little blog child is one year old today! They grow up so quickly! I'm not being the legal guardian that I should, though. Weeks between posts, long periods of time "under construction," disappearing headers. Hopefully one year old is still young enough to bounce back and maybe even forget some of the neglect I have shown.

Is it though? HAVE I RUINED YOU FOREVER?!?!? Only time will tell, I suppose. Maybe I'll buy love with cake.

Image from perfectduluthday

I hope that worked. Because really, resilence in a blog child is all shown in the readership. And readership probably isn't so enticed by a digital photo of birthday cake. Just know I gave you a real slice in my heart.

In another year on this day, I hope that the future looks even brighter than now. If we're very lucky, I'll be close to quitting my job, close to buying a house maybe?, and close close close to having a real child to avoid neglecting. Dreams are big.

Just like my blog child will be at age 2. Pretty please?


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