October 8, 2009

The beginnings of a Boston Tea Party

Why do I resent being told to use my personal relationships (online or otherwise) for someone else? I am trying to examine myself for hypocrisy here. Am I just resenting it because of who told me? Or the fact that I was told instead of asked? Well, I've promoted friends' films or shows. I've asked friends to visit other friends' websites. I like to help my loved ones out, especially if they need it.

So it must be because I was told to do so by someone I take no personal pleasure in helping. Is that wrong in and of itself? Should I want to help anyone and everyone? Even if I don't agree with the cause?

I try to retain a sense of myself on the internet. I try to avoid bad choices and always be kind and good. I'm not always the best at this, I've made some mistakes and hurt people before through my internet behaviors, including myself. However, most of the time I try to realize that other people read what I write and can be affected by it. I try to keep a tight rein on myself so that I keep the world a happy place while still being myself at the same time.

So what I don't like here is that I'm being told what to say and do and then I am expected to take full responsibility for the consequences that arise from it. It feels like a little chink in my integrity.

Just a little chink. But still.


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