October 1, 2009


In the last month or so, we have done this to our car:
-replaced a battery terminal (cost: $3)
-jumped it 3 different times with varying success (cost: free)
-re-installed the battery terminal at least 5 times (cost: Sam's sanity)
-towed (cost: $50)
-replaced the starter (cost: $350)
-jumped it 2 more times (cost: my sanity)
-tested the battery at Auto Zone, result? bad battery (cost: free)
-replaced the battery (cost: free due to warranty)
-tested the alternator at Auto Zone, result? bad alternator (cost: free)
-replaced the alternator (or we will today, hopefully) (cost: $150)

The radio is doing funny things which may indicate some sort of minor electric problem, the AC switches to defrost if you are revving past 3000 rpms, and we should probably replace the tires before our road trip for Thanksgiving Break.

And we need an oil change.

In better news:
-we bought all healthy things at the grocery store last night. We are quite proud of ourselves. Whole wheat hamburger buns, I mean really, how much healthier can you be?

-we got electric toothbrushes for ourselves and hello, what a strange feeling. Sam swears his teeth feel so much cleaner although mine feel the same, probably because I'm a better brusher than him... still, I believe the package when it says it cleans better than any manual toothbrush ever could.
-I saw a successful-looking older man at a stoplight next to me open his car door, stick out his bare foot, and proceed to put on his business socks and shoes. I thought I was the only one that late to work.
-today is payday and just in time to pay for the glamorous makeover our car insisted on. What a diva.


Mandy | Baking with Blondie 10/2/09, 3:50 PM  

I'm thinking that your car is related to ours... it all sounds very familiar... or genetic?

Ashley Arnold 10/6/09, 1:14 PM  

Would it help if I told you I love you!? Cause I do.

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