May 24, 2010


Well, it is over. Finally. About four years ago, I gave it up. I was done, man. No longer would I be subject to its manipulation and endless confusion. A friend of mine said to me, just one more. Watch just one more episode. So I did. And then I watched another. And four years later, I cannot watch any more because there is no more LOST to be had for love or money.

Since I put in the time, I feel that now I will finally make some observations. Maybe they will be profound, most likely not. But I don't care. They never answered any of my questions. I'll say whatever I want.

Shannon and Sayid at the end. What is that? Everyone knows that Sayid's true love is Nadia. Just because they didn't have the time or energy to come up with a story line that will let Sayid and Nadia live together forever, they have to throw in Shannon as a consolation prize? If I were Sayid, I would have punched someone. 

And that someone would have been Ben. Have you noticed how often he gets beat up? I think he bleeds every single episode. His bruises never have time to heal. His face has got to be permanently purple by now. It's a shame because when he isn't looking like he just woke up in an alley behind a bar, you can actually start to think he's not so bad-looking. He's no Sawyer, of course, but he'll do in a crisis. I'm glad that he got to repent and be forgiven at the end. I'm all about giving people every chance for salvation.

Good old Desmond going around saving everyone from their forgetfulness. He might be my favorite character (tied with Charlie and Sawyer). Although, when he handed Kate that strapless black dress and said, we're going to a concert, I thought two things. One, what if Kate hadn't shaved her armpits that day? You can't just hand a girl a strapless dress with no warning. Of course, the show has ignored that sort of thing the whole time, so whatever. Two, it's going to be Jack and Kate at the end. And then I was mad.

Jack is kind of a weirdo. I know he's handsome and brooding and he saved the island and he's a doctor and he found faith and all that. But if you were going to eat pizza and watch a movie with either Jack or Sawyer, it's got to be Sawyer all the way. Jack would probably tell you it's his destiny to return the movie on time and leave as soon it was over. Sawyer, on the other hand, would call you Freckles and give super-cool tips on how to con people. Way more fun. So, bully for Juliet, but she's just a cop-out because you can't make Jack save the whole island and then not let him have Kate, weirdo or not.

Finally, do you think people would notice if I named all my children after Lost characters? It's just that there are tons of good names there! Specifically, Claire, Charlie, Kate, Sawyer, Jack, Ben, Charlotte, Daniel (there are probably more, but I'm definitely not having more than eight kids).

So even though I still don't know a lot of things and can't remember most of what my questions were in the first place, I'm pleased that everyone turned out ok and went on to heaven, complete with bright light and inspirational music.

Do you think they'll make a movie?

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Merkley Jiating 5/24/10, 8:33 PM  

My friend named her son Sawyer. I love that name.

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