June 13, 2010

things i'm in love with

This poster I got from the Bijou Market made by badcircle:

Red velvet cake from The Chocolate:

My bike:

My new haircut which I've wanted for years and finally got up the guts to try:

This necklace I made this weekend:

Diane Birch, particularly this song (thanks Brissa):

This daily style blog:

Sister Esplin visiting my Primary class and informing me I'm not an awful teacher (and turns out she's my aunt's sister, although I didn't know that until after. Missed a sweet connection. Oh well):

My hat:

These pants (which I got on sale):

And as always, this guy:


Ashley Arnold 6/13/10, 10:56 PM  

Oh my goodness... I'm in love with this whole post. 1. Your hair is FABULOUS. I'm jealous. Good for you for getting the guts to do it. You look even more like Angie Harmon now. :) 2. LOVE the linen pants. I've been to H&M about 5 times now waiting for a pair to go on sale. I really want to purchase them. 3. I LOVE the poster - letterpress is my favorite. 4. I love that video... I've seen it before and thought it was fabulous. Have you seen the "making of" video? 5. Looove and miss you! 6. We're hat twiners! Yay!

her 6/14/10, 12:30 AM  

i love everything here

Betty 6/14/10, 1:33 PM  

You look like Cleopatra.

Eva 6/17/10, 3:02 PM  

That's the haircut that I want!
It looks great on you.


Brissa 6/23/10, 1:43 PM  

i vote we take our little bicycles on a playdate. i feel they'd be great friends.

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