July 15, 2010

baby i'm the lucky one

Last night I was cleaning my house so my visiting teachers could come over and I wouldn't be ashamed. Before I was quite done (as in, I was completely ignoring the bedroom since I could just shut the door plus I hadn't vacuumed anywhere yet), I started moving furniture and decor around. Since they didn't end up coming at all, I never did vacuum the floor but I did do this:
I've been meaning to do a collage on this wall since we moved to our apartment, a year and a half ago. Don't you love the heating control box in the center? That was only installed a couple months ago, almost ruining my plans for a collage. Then I threw caution and design sense to the wind and did it anyway. Now, remember that I was hurrying to get this done in time for people to come over AND let's all be aware that my ceiling slants, the pipes slant, and let's just say the vent and control box were not installed with a level. Therefore, crookedness in this arrangement cannot possibly be blamed on me, right? Right. Although, looking at it right now, I'm having a hard time not running home this second to straighten it some more. Anyway, I think it could be awesome as soon as I live in a place where there are straight blank walls with high straight ceilings AND I get motivated enough to use a level.

I wish you could see the temperature reading on the box. It says 85 degrees. In my basement apartment. That has no AC. So yeah, I was very sweaty while I put this together. I don't recommend moving your furniture around in 85 degree heat if you can help it. Just a little tip.

This collage isn't done because when have I ever just finished a decor project and been done with it? I want to add pictures of our families, a picture of the temple, the Proclamation on the Family, and this print I found yesterday (for free! download here):
Here's the thing. I do actually think Sam and I are the luckiest people alive. When I say luckiest, I really mean blessed. So even though this print will be going on an extremely imperfect wall, it still rings true in every possible way. And there's your cheesy thought for the day.


C&C 7/15/10, 10:12 AM  

I found those prints yesterday too! Love them. Thinking about using one in the living room and one in the baby's room. We also just put up a wall collage in the living room...well, the nails are there but I keep moving everything around. I'm hard to please.

ashleydox 7/15/10, 10:34 AM  

I think you should put a frame around the ac/heating box thing... :o)

Betty 7/15/10, 11:17 AM  

Tastefully done.

Mandy | Baking with Blondie 7/15/10, 11:20 AM  

It looks cool! I'm guilty of the cleaning-before-people-come rush, for sure.

Jonathan and Raechel 7/15/10, 1:19 PM  

Looks awesome! P.S. where did you get that "I am a child of God" print? Pretty much love it. P.P.S. It's Raechel Wangsgard (English), and my email is raewangsgard@gmail.com if you want an invite to our blog just shoot me a line. :)

Rachel 7/15/10, 1:19 PM  

Krista! I have a big collage of our family that I love. It's my favorite part of the apartment. Although, I think you need to come a make it look all artsy. Maybe one day I'll post a picture. Yours is quite wonderful! Nicely done =)

Kristina and Joe 7/15/10, 10:43 PM  
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