July 19, 2010

the hunt

The joy of shopping at thrift stores was driven home to me this weekend. Look at the loot I brought home!
Polaroid camera $4 (not sure if it works yet)
Globe $10
Vintage paintings in charming frames $3 each
Electric typewriter $10 (I think it works although I haven't tested it) (post edit: it works! all except the d key but I think d is an unnecessary member of the alphabet)
Glass bottle $6 
With a trip to Lowe's and a little epoxy glue the bottle became this:
Here's my new desktop that I'm absolutely in love with:
Seriously, how do people part with this stuff? The lady ringing me up told me to "enjoy my treasures." Done.


Betty 7/19/10, 10:56 AM  

That lamp is awesome!

Rachel 7/19/10, 1:11 PM  

People part with it because when they look at it they see junk, whereas you see a masterpiece! I'm impressed with what you did =D

Kristina and Joe 7/19/10, 2:18 PM  

Love the desk, and I love your style!! I think that I have some Polaroid film. My grandparents used to have some I think I saw it when I was living there. I will have my mom check her house.

Angela 7/20/10, 6:02 PM  

Wow. Just wow.

You have blown my efforts out of the water.

And that's okay.


Tangerine 7/25/10, 3:21 PM  

The camera is my favourite! Did you figure out if it works yet?

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