November 26, 2010

fashion friday: thanksgiving

Dress: Shade
Cardigan: Down East
Belt: Shade
Tights: American Eagle
Boots: Target

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. I am thankful for (not inclusive and in random order):

Sam aka Husband (ok that one is not random order), love, my Heavenly Father, my Savior, my family, Sam's family which is also my family but they should know they are included in this list too, laughing, Lords of the Realm, my house, fasting, prayer, scriptures, the temple, my health, contact lenses, beautiful scenery, music, my job, days off, friends, marriage, books, food, lipstick, indoor heating, Christmas lights, clothes, missionaries, and sugar.

Hope your Thanksgiving was filled with all of those things and more.


Danny and Jannifer 11/28/10, 4:25 PM  

Krista! This is such a cute picture of you, especially with the autumn background. You always were one of my most stylish roomies. :)

Ashley Archibald 11/28/10, 9:51 PM  

cute outfit, i love getting new ideas from others :)

Natalie | Make Today Great 11/29/10, 1:49 AM  

Such a great photo! Happy you had a happy Thanksgiving

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