November 29, 2010

do i dare?

I would like opinions on the feasibility of dyeing my hair this color:

via Glamour

I'm kind of madly in love with it. However, I also think it might be too rock star-ish for a normal life such as my own. I have an office job and a church calling and a husband. Never mind the fact that I have no idea how I'd look in red hair. And I might miss my brown if it went away.

I checked out the boxes of hair dye at the store the other day and now Sam is convinced that I'm really going to do it. I don't think I will. I'm too scared. But I just wanted to see if they even have this shade for home dyeing. They do not. Which means I'd have to shell out the big bucks. And keep it up constantly as it's so radically different from my natural shade. And what if it fades to an ugly red? Fake red tends to do that.

All this means it's probably a no.

But still. What if?


Rachel 11/29/10, 11:41 AM  

I'm a big lover of changing my hair (if you haven't noticed =\). Sometimes I have disasters, and sometimes I LOVE it, but I figure I'll never know which it is if I don't try it. Also, I recommend finding a hair-school and going there. Paul Mitchell is especially wonderful if you have one. They're super cheap (not as cheap as the box at Wal-Mart, but much better) and at Paul Mitchell the students are watched very closely! Toni & Guy is also advisable.

Brissa 11/29/10, 1:56 PM  

AAHHHH!!!!! PLEEEEASE!!!! I think it would look awesome!! I'm kind of secretly obsessed with red hair and wish I could dye my hair auburn/redish without looking like a total chola. But I think you should go for it! Make life spicy! I think you could totally rock it. And if you EVER call yourself normal again I'll backhand you. You're too legit to be "normal."

Ashley Arnold 11/29/10, 10:14 PM  

Hmmm... I don't know. Red could be fun, but you look so fantastic with the brown "Taza" look... with the red lipstick. I LOVE that look and you TOTALLY rock it! Red is quite a statement however! Could be incredibly adventurous - and if you don't like it, you can always go back. Also, I wonder how well dark brown hair would take red dye? Would it work? I'm sure it would... I'm just thinking out loud. xoxo

Jannifer 11/30/10, 8:59 AM  

Then we would be twins! Being a redhead is lots of fun! :)

Kristina and Joe 11/30/10, 10:32 AM  

I have always loved your hair color. Don't change.

Anonymous,  11/30/10, 6:23 PM  

Hi, I agree that colour is awesome. But... just so you know, it will involved bleaching your hair first. Which may mean ruining your hair? I love that bright red as well but I have a cherry red instead (nicer to my hair). I love it. Also, not to out there for church.

Maybe you could do that??

Sarah Familia 12/1/10, 2:20 AM  

I like red hair too. I used to dye mine with henna, which is a natural dye they use in the Middle East. Unlike regular dye, it is actually good for your hair. It won't give you a bright, bright red, but it will create deep, very natural-looking red highlights. And you don't have to bleach your hair first. In fact, I tried it on a blonde friend once, and she came out looking like a creamsicle. Henna is definitely for dark-haired people only.

Penny 12/1/10, 9:21 AM  

Keep the beautiful hair that you have! I think red is to iffy! You never know what you will end up with, and it could really damage your hair ~ stick with the beautiful natural you!

Betty 12/1/10, 9:33 AM  

What Penny said.

Lisa 12/2/10, 8:42 AM  

I say do it! There are a lot of things I stopped doing or didn't do because I had an office job, and now I regret not doing those things. Get it out of your system...if you don't like it, you can always dye it back.

kristine [kristine. or polly.] 12/9/10, 9:42 AM  

I've always said that if I were white I would have firey red hair! So fun and bold!

Kristine. Or Polly.

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