December 10, 2010

fashion friday: the onslaught of cold

Coat: Urban Wear
Scarf: gift
Jeans: Charlotte Russe
Boots: Target
Mittens: Estonia (the country)
Let's all take a moment to say goodbye to outfit pictures that don't consist of cold weather outerwear and welcome six months of snow shoveling, icy roads, and below freezing temperatures. 

And I guess hot chocolate, sledding, and warm fires. Sigh. I guess if I have to think of good things.

(I feel like a wrote a similar blog post last year.) (Nope, I just checked and last year's was much more positive. Probably because it hadn't actually snowed yet when I wrote it.)

When we're done with school, I'm totally moving somewhere that's warm all the time. Sorry Mom, you'll have to fly out to visit your grandbabies. 

Goodbye snow!

P.S. The adorable Sydney from The Daybook is giving away something from my shop today! Check it out here!


Kristina and Joe 12/10/10, 11:18 AM  

Although I don't miss all the negative aspects of winter in Utah you listed, I do miss wearing coats, scarfs and boots. Even being able to wear a cardigan would be nice. You look so nice and cozy!

Brittney 12/10/10, 1:43 PM  

Hey, I'm in northern Utah. Feeling your pain. You don't know me, but I'm really enjoying your blog--super cute! I've just started my own fashion(ish) blog; freel free to check it out in the coming weeks if you want. Like I said, it's brand-baby-new.
Have a good one!

Betty 12/10/10, 2:07 PM  

Hey, Northern California is warm all (well most) of the time. Just thought I'd plant the seed.

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