December 9, 2010

bloggers give back

What the Thursday post? Well it's for a good cause.
Bloggers Give Back Project is helping Alan and Donna Gubler, who just lost their home and everything they own to a fire. They are both school teachers and don't have insurance on their home. Bloggers are donating their services and goods to an auction to help get the Gublers back on their feet. 100% of the proceeds will go straight to the Gublers. You can read more of their story here and more about the Bloggers Give Back Project here. The auction starts on December 15th and I'm happy to say that I have donated to the cause, in the form of a watch to be auctioned off. Remember when I made this Anthropologie knock-off watch? Well, what's the use in making things if you can't auction them off for charity, right? Besides, I've been wanting to make Christmas a little more meaningful and this was a simple and easy way for me to do something for someone else.

There are lots of things up for bidding so keep checking back and get ready for the 15th. You can find the button on my sidebar. If you want to donate something of your own, you can here. If you just want to contribute a little cash without waiting for the auction, you can here.

Merry Christmas guys.


Ashley Arnold 12/9/10, 3:05 PM  

When does the bidding start for the watch?! :)

Krista 12/9/10, 3:25 PM  

You can bid on everything on the 15th!

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